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[Pawsona x Secondfloorneko] Pawsome Life Cat Scratching Box

[Pawsona x Secondfloorneko] Pawsome Life Cat Scratching Box

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The box is designed by a Malaysian artist, Nikki from Secondfloorneko, who is passionate about drawing cats. Her art has created so much love and joy in the hearts of her audience.

Story Time:
The Pawsome Life box is designed with a storyline of a cat owner and her cat. One day, she finds a stray cat drenched in rain on a street, crying for help. She couldn’t just leave her there, so she picked her up and brought her home. She cleaned up the little one, fed it with some food and gave her a fur-ever home. This is where their journey starts together. She would play with the kitty and tell her all her problems every day. It has become a daily routine for them to hang around cuddling. She would dress her up in cute clothes and take pictures together. After spending more than a decade together, the kitty had aged a lot and their journey came to an end but the memories shall forever remain in the heart of the owner. Our lives, from beginning to end resemble a complete full circle. No matter how big or small the circle is, it ends in the exact same way for everyone.

The box comes with a scratching board inside.

Dimensions of the box are fully tailor-made to suit the size of an adult cat in order to make the cat feel safe and secure in the space.

Fragments of the box will stay in the box, keeping our house clean after the scratch!

This scratch box and board are beautifully designed to fit into your home decor and it is the purr-fect furniture for your furkids as well.

Item: Scratching Box + Board
Size: 34.8cm x 24cm x 17.5cm
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