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Immunity Booster - Tuna & Cranberry Formula 50g

Immunity Booster - Tuna & Cranberry Formula 50g

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Introducing our Daily Nosh Immunity Booster Supplement Treats, meticulously designed to support your cat's urinary health by helping to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and providing essential support should an infection occur. With a delectable flavor combination of tuna and cranberry, these treats not only entice your feline companion's taste buds but also provide crucial care for their urinary system.

Nurturing Cat Urinary Health: We understand the importance of maintaining your cat's urinary health, and our supplement treats are formulated to do just that. If you're searching for "cat treats for urinary health," you've come to the right place.

Comprehensive Urinary Care: Our treats serve as a holistic "supplement for UTI" prevention and offer relief against various urinary-related concerns, including "cat UTI symptoms" and "cat UTI treatment."

High-Quality Ingredients: With premium ingredients like cranberry, known for its urinary health benefits, these treats promote "urinary cat food" consumption that benefits your feline friend.

A Delectable Solution: We understand the struggle of finding "food for UTI" that your cat will actually enjoy. Our tuna and cranberry-flavored treats make maintaining urinary health a tasty experience for your pet.

Versatile Urinary Support: Whether you're dealing with "male cat UTI symptoms" or looking for "best urinary cat food," our treats offer a comprehensive solution to keep your cat's urinary system in top shape.

Guaranteed Analysis:
🌸Protein ≥9.6%
🌸Crude Fat ≥1.5%
🌸Crude Fiber ≤1%
🌸Crude Ash ≤2%
🌸Moisture ≤86%

Ingredient: Tuna (40%), Chicken Breast Meat (28%), Water, Sunflower Oil, Potato Starch, Hydrolyzed Fish, Grounded Barley Seed (0.2%), Cranberry Powder (0.3%), Taurine (0.3%), Guar Gum, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E.

Feeding Recommendations (per day):
❣️Kitten - 0.5 Pouch
Adult - 0.5 - 1 Pouch
Nursing/Sick Cat - 1 Pouch

😻Range of use: All ages and breeds (3 months above)

Certificate: FDA/ISO9

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews

fast delivery TQTQ

Sophia Wu

cat happily munches and it works

Nurul Syuhada

no more worries about cat's urine

Nor Aishah

repeated orders a few times now

Mohd Shahrul

positive change in cat's peeing