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Daily Nosh Freeze-Dried Chicken

Daily Nosh Freeze-Dried Chicken

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Pawsona Daily Nosh Freeze Dried Pet Treat (Cat/Dog Booster)

✅ Made from 100% High Quality Human grade real Animal Protein meat.
✅ Zero artificial preservative & coloring additive.
✅ High nutritional protein content to support muscle growth.
✅ 1g Freeze Dried meat = 5g Raw Meat Equivalent
✅ Retain color, smell, taste, shape and nutrition from original meat.
✅ Natural, green and low nutritional loss.
✅ Improve general health & appetite.
✅ Soak in water to get your fur-kids hydrated.

Feeding method:
🌸Dry eating - As a training reward, snacks, and emotional enhancement.
🌸Soak in water - Soaking in warm water for 5-10 minutes will re-hydrate the meat and increase the fur-kids water intake.
🌸Mix with food - Enhance freshness and increase appetite of fur-kids.

❤️Ingredient: Chicken Meat. 
❤️Range of use: All ages and breeds of cat/dog
❤️Expiry date: 12 months from manufacture date (Unopened)
❤️Certifications: ISO9001/FDA/SGS/BRC/HACCP

**The storage method will affect the shelf life. Avoiding it under sunlight or in a humid place. Recommend to seal properly or finish consume as soon as possible after opening.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 202 reviews
Angela Chong

My cat's food mood swings were out of control, but Daily Nosh calmed the storm. It's a miracle!

Gregory Tan

It's a picky cat's world out there. I thought mine would never be satisfied. Then, I introduced Daily Nosh, and she can't get enough. Lifesaver!

Martin Chia

Daily Nosh is like a food revolution for my cat. She can't resist it!


Packaging cantikkkk.. delivery cepat... kucing sgt2 suka. Daily Nosh ni memang lebih baik. Dia mula makan dengan selera.


Aku rasa macam dah habis duit bila kucing aku tak suka treats sebelum ni. Tapi Daily Nosh ni, dia nampak lebih berminat. Memang okay lah.