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Cat Pheromone Calming Diffuser Refill 48ml

Cat Pheromone Calming Diffuser Refill 48ml

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😺 Natural cat pheromones
😺 Effective to Reduce Stress & antisocial behavior in Cats

😺 Results in 7 Days
😺 Lasts up to 30 Days of Calm
😺 Suitable for kittens and cats of all ages

Cats communicate through natural messages released in the air called ""happy markers"" (scientifically called pheromones). These feline odourless messages are only perceived by cats, neither people nor by dogs. By utilizing these natural reassuring messages, calming spray has been clinically proven to help cats adjust happily to the pace of modern life.

❤️ Safe Formula
❤️ Natural Ingredients
❤️ Mild Lavender Fragrant
❤️ Coverage Area 700 SQFT
❤️ 30 Refill Days
❤️ Clinically Proven

✅ Reduce stress
✅ Reduce shock
✅ Stops aggressive behaviour
✅ Relieves anxiety
✅ Helps cat feel comfortable
✅ Prevent urine spraying
✅ Prevent scratching
✅ Prevent hiding
✅ Reduce Fears
✅ Reduce multi-Cat household tensions

📍 Loud Noises
📍 Home Alone
📍 Environment Changes
📍 Travelling
📍 Vet Visits
📍 Boarding or Grooming Appointments

🍃 Feline Facial Pheromone (F3) Analog 2%

▶️ Take off the cap, and firmly screw bottle into the plug diffuser
▶️ Plug it into the room where the cat spends the majority of it's time
▶️ Leave the diffuser switched on continuously
▶️ To be used with 240V AC only
▶️ Effective in an area up to 700 square feet
▶️ Use exclusively with a diffuser

💡 Check the diffuser monthly and replace the diffuser bottle every 30 days to ensure optimum effect
💡 Avoid plugging the diffuser under shelves, behind doors, behind curtains, or behind furniture as it might not work
💡 Never use with extension cords, adaptors or voltage converters

⚠️Calming diffuser is not a sedative or a tranquilizer
⚠️ Harmful or fatal if swallowed
⚠️ Call physician immediately if ingested
⚠️ Contains petroleum distillates (i.e. Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon)
⚠️ Keep out of reach of children
⚠️ Read label prior to use
⚠️ Store in a well-ventilated cool place
⚠️ Dispose contents/container in accordance with local regulations

🛑 It is not indicated for overt aggression between cats or towards owners, nor for estrus manifestations or medical conditions
🛑 In some cases, environmental changes and additional behavioral management may be required and advice should be sought from your veterinary practice

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