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Cat Calming Collar

Cat Calming Collar

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Is your feline friend showing signs of stress or antisocial behavior? Discover our Cat Calming Collar, designed to provide instant relief and peace for your beloved cat.

❤️ Safe Formula: Crafted with natural cat pheromone
❤️ Natural Ingredients Harnesses the power of pheromones
❤️ Odourless Your cat will feel the comfort without any strong scents
❤️ Fits up to 63 cm neck radius Ensures a comfortable fit for cats of all sizes
❤️ Clinically Proven Backed by scientific research and testing

Benefits for Your Cat:

  • Reduce Stress: Keep your cat calm and collected
  • Reduce Shock: Minimize startling reactions
  • Stops Aggressive Behavior: Encourage a peaceful atmosphere
  • Relieves Anxiety: Soothe your cat's nerves
  • Helps Cat Feel Comfortable: Ensure their well-being
  • Prevent Urine Spraying and Scratching: Protect your home
  • Prevent Hiding: Encourage social interaction
  • Reduce Fears: Promote a fearless cat

📍 Perfect for Comfort in Various Situations:
  • Loud Noises: Thunderstorms or fireworks won't be a problem
  • Home Alone: Ensure your cat feels secure even when you're away
  • Environment Changes: Transition smoothly
  • Traveling: Make trips less stressful
  • Vet Visits: Keep your cat at ease during check-ups
  • Boarding or Grooming Appointments: Ensure a relaxed experience

🍃 Feline Facial Pheromone (F3) 1%
🍃 Silicon 99%

▶️ How to Use:

  1. Open the package just before use.
  2. Fasten it comfortably around your cat's neck.
  3. Cut off the excess tape.
  4. Ingredients of the collar will start to work immediately.
  5. The collar could be worn continuously for 30 days.

⚠️ Store in sealed package of the manufacturer
⚠️ Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight
⚠️ Do not use after expiry date
⚠️ Keep out of reach of children
⚠️ For animal use only

🛑 It is not indicated for overt aggression between cats or towards owners, nor for estrus manifestations or medical conditions
🛑 It is safe for pets and people when used as recommended. It can be used with other pet medications.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

My cat's anxious pacing has slowed down, and she's happier overall with this collar.

Nor Syafiqah

The collar helped my anxious cat ease into her new home. She's finally feeling settled.

Amirul Hafiz

Collar = stress-relief for my anxious cat.

Zahirah Amalina

This collar made introducing my new kitten to the household easier. No more hissing!

Nurul Aqilah

This collar worked wonders for my skittish rescue cat. Now she's more confident to move around