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Anti-bacterial Wound Spray for Cats

Anti-bacterial Wound Spray for Cats

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PAWSONA brings you a cutting-edge solution with our Anti-Bacterial Wound Spray, crafted exclusively for wound healing in cats. Harnessing the power of chlorhexidine acetate and allantoin as its main active ingredients, this antibacterial agent is designed to disinfect damaged skin, stimulate cell proliferation, and encourage tissue regeneration for optimal recovery.

🐱Key Benefits🐱
⭐Advanced Antibacterial Formula: PAWSONA Anti-Bacterial Wound Spray is fortified with chlorhexidine acetate and allantoin, ensuring thorough disinfection and promoting faster wound healing.
⭐Stimulates Cell Proliferation: This spray actively stimulates cell proliferation, aiding in the natural regeneration of damaged tissues.
⭐Tissue Regeneration: Designed to improve wound healing, PAWSONA supports tissue regeneration for a healthier recovery process.
⭐Exclusively fomulated for the delicate skin of cats. 

⚠️Storage Instructions⚠️
Cool and Dry Place: Keep in a cool and dry place.
Out of Reach: Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Avoid Transporting with Food: Avoid transporting with food to prevent any potential contamination.

For Pet External Use Only: Not suitable for human use.
Avoid Eyes: Do not spray into the pet’s eyes.
Fire Safety: Stay away from fire while using.
Natural Separation: Natural separation may occur upon storage.
Wash Hands: Wash hands after use. Seek medical attention if allergic reactions occur.
Poisonous to Fish: Stay away from fish aquariums during use.
Avoid Human and Food Contact: Do not spray on humans or food.
Ingestion Caution: If ingested, seek medical attention immediately.

✅Trust PAWSONA Anti-Bacterial Wound Spray for Cats – because every paw deserves the best care during the healing journey!

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